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December 12: "That's What You Get, Folks, for Makin' Whoopee" - repeat

Lane and Zack return from their honeymoon in Mexico, each with their own unique horror story; Lorelai has an emotionally painful encounter with Luke that's compounded by an ugly confrontation with Rory after she learns that her mom slept with Christopher; and Luke finds out that Kirk has opened an eatery that is nearly a copy of his. Fred: David Greenman. Customer: George Bell.

December 19: "Lorelai's First Cotillion" - repeat

Lorelai expects the worst from her parents when she finally tells them that she and Luke ended their engagement, but she's more upset when they hardly react; Lane gets very little response from Zack when she shares her big news; Michel collects on an old IOU for a favor from Lorelai and forces her to take him to a cotillion that Emily organized; and Rory, missing Logan, finds an uncharacteristic way of expressing her feelings to him. Charlotte: Hannah Leigh Dworkin. Arthur: James Hornbeck.

Michael Ausiello's scoop from

7.12.06 - The first six episodes are going to be very, very, very dramatic for Luke and Lorelai.

7.18.06 - Logan will be staying in London. Also, Christopher will be a bigger presence than ever before. There are no plans to bring back Milo Ventimiglia. Matt Czuchry is not leaving the show. Logan and Rory will have a long-distance relationship. Lorelai and Christopher did have sex in the finale. Marty will be back. It sounds like Luke and Lorelai will be broken up — at least during the first part of the season.

8.2.06 - Wayne Wilcox will be back as Marty.

8.2.06 - I'm hearing that a mishap at Luke's Diner will lead Kirk to open his own eatery across the street.

8.9.06 - Rosenthal promises that within the first couple of episodes, Stars Hollow will experience a bit of a baby boom. Translation: Luke's sister, Liz, isn't the only one expecting. "There will be more than two babies born this season." Oh, and one more thing: "There also will be a marriage this season," he reveals. "I can't say exactly when, but somebody's getting hitched."

8.16.06 - One of the girls in Emily's cotillion class reminds Lorelai of herself as a youngster. "Lorelai kind of sees herself in this girl, and is kind of reflecting on her life and her choices," Rosenthal explains. "It's kind of a moment for Lorelai to reexamine herself. I think this whole thing with Luke and the nonwedding has Lorelai thinking, 'Whoa — how did I get here and what do I really want and why did this not happen? She's definitely in a reflective mode."

8.23.06 - The second episode of the season was written by Rebecca Rand Kirshner and the third episode was written by Rina Mimoun.

8.30.06 - You already know that Richard will get a teaching gig at Yale and Emily will start training young girls in the fine art of etiquette. What you don't know is that later in the season, Richard will face a medical crisis that show-runner Dave Rosenthal says will have a "profound impact" on the entire Gilmore clan. "Health issues can create stress and conflict and trauma in a family, but they can also bring the family together," he adds. "It's something that will affect not only Emily but Rory and Lorelai, too."

9.15.06 - It's a Gilmore Girls Spoilerganza!

9.20.06 - David Sutcliffe is already signed on for 13 episodes, and he's currently in talks about doing a number of episodes in the last nine as well. David Sutcliffe was very cagey about the rekindling of Lorelai-Christopher, but I did manage to get him to confirm rumors that they'll be jetting off to Paris for a romantic rendezvous during November sweeps. But, unfortunately for Sutcliffe, they won't be going to the real Paris. He says there was a "30-second conversation" about doing a location shoot in France, but saner (i.e., budget-conscious) minds prevailed, and now "Paris is on the backlot of Universal." BTW, Sutcliffe's no dummy: He knows the majority of Gilmore fans loathe his character. "It's a 70/30 split," he ventures. "I do have my fans, but I have my detractors as well."

9.20.06 - You know how I complained that Lorelai just wasn't upset enough in the season premiere about what she had done to Luke? Well, the breakdown comes in Episode 2, and it's a heart-crusher. (All is forgiven, LG!) Overall, it was another stellar outing, highlighted by Lane's big ********* news (hmmm... how many letters do you count there?), two pivotal run-ins between L&L (one in a busy intersection, another in a supermarket — a real supermarket, not some cheesy set piece), yet another Battlestar Galactica reference, and a riotous "guest appearance" by Sandra Oh.

9.27.06 - Luke takes out Anna's swim coach on a date. She's basically a slut who has a reputation for sleeping with all of her students' dads. In other words, it ain't gonna last.

10.24.06 - Lorelai and Christopher will elope during a romantic trip to Paris in the November 14th episode.

From Kristin at E!Online

3.13.06 - They are considering only having 13 episodes for the 7th season.

8.29.06 - Korbi says: "I am hearing there is some fantastic Paris and Emily stuff coming up at the beginning of the season, which is okay by me, because I think those two are the unsung heroes of that show. Whenever they're absent, I'm unsatisfied. BTW, I'm hearing we might see Emily behind bars, which I personally cannot wait for."