Season 4, Episode 7: The Festival of Living Art

AKA: Love Me or Louvre Me

Aired: Tuesday, November 4, 2003

Rating: 3.6/5

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Written by Daniel Palladino
Directed by Chris Long

Special guest star Sebastian Bach as Gil

Guest starring
Liz Torres as Miss Patty
Michael Winters as Taylor Doose
Sally Struthers as Babette Dell
Jackson Douglas as Jackson Melville
Nick Offerman
Tricia O'Kelley as Nicole Leahy
Todd Lowe as Zack
John Cabrera as Brian
Grant Lee Phillips as Grant
Mike Gandolfi as Andrew

And Rusty Schwimmer as Bruce

This episode was nominated for an Emmy award for Outstanding Makeup for a Series (Non-Prosthetic) (Marie DelPrete, Makeup Dept. Head, Malanie Romero, Makeup Artist and Michael Smithson, Makeup Artist).